How valuable are you?

This article may piss some people off….

Did you know you can buy Likes, Followers, and Subscribers for all your social media platforms? I’m sure you did. But are you one of THOSE people who do buy?

Listen, everyone knows how to post on social media but (this is the part where I may piss some people off) it’s not about the number of likes, followers, or subscribers — it’s about the value you bring into the market place.

Right now, there are people who will save up $1,000 so they can cash it out of their bank account and post it on social media only to bring it back to the bank before they are overdrawn.

Right now, there are people who will go rent a hot car for one day and post it on Instagram.

Right now, there are people who have 1 million followers but as soon as they post something — — 24 hours later they get 150 likes.

Here’s the thing. Perception is reality. But don’t fake it ‘til you make it because, honestly, you will never make it.

The only way to become valuable in the marketplace is to be valuable. (whaaaat?)

“You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace, and if you’re not very valuable you don’t make much money” — Jim Rohn

So how do you bring ‘value’ to the marketplace? By becoming better at everything you do. Your goal should not be to ‘get’ two people a day, rather, to ‘help’ two people a day.

And for Pete’s sake! Why not learn the RIGHT skills that will last you a lifetime? Then share that value into the marketplace and the LOYAL followers (…ahem… REAL people) will start to show up automatically.

And it’s no easy task to learn these skills when you are new to that skill. EVERYONE has a learning curve at this point. Everyone goes through the struggle. It’s those who don’t want to go the long route but instead take a shortcut is who won’t get very far.

So how does on learn these new skills? Like what Gary Vaynerchuk says:

It’s one thing to learn from books and analyzing what might have worked better in [let’s say] a marketing campaign than another.
But being able to repeat what you’ve learned, and being able to actually apply that learning in the real world, are two totally different skills and I’m not sure your performance in any course can predict how well you’ll do at the latter.

In another example, people ask me to give them the “perfect closing” script because they are afraid of experiencing embarrassing mistakes. Sure, here you go. BUT, even if you are given the perfect training or script, it’s never going to be perfect in the real world. Just listen, damn it!

Ultimately, you have to pay attention to what’s working AND what’s not, do some tweaking here in there, fix it, and keep moving forward.

You WILL make mistakes! Experience those mistakes so you can learn from them. You WILL struggle. Oh yes, there will be struggle. But guess what? That’s normal! Everyone will struggle at all income levels.

The person who wants to go from $10k/mo to $20k/mo is struggling just like the person who wants to go from $20k/mo to $30k/mo just like to person who is struggling to make their first dime..

The struggle is REAL and it will ALWAYS be there, no matter what income level you’re currently at.

However, the moment you make that first dime …. ahhh

….but wait! The struggle is DIFFERENT (somehow). And your belief goes up a bit. Soon you’ll make your first dollar…. then your first $100… or maybe even your first $1,010.85 day online ;)

Yup, there will be days where you will struggle. But again, it’s a different kind of struggle.

New challenges show up.

New questions.

New experiences.

And it’s a cycle that repeats itself at each NEW level. So don’t take that struggle as something that shouldn’t happen. EMBRACE it. The only way you can BREAKTHROUGH that next level is to accept and overcome that struggle.

WELL! This is the best way I know how to stop this fake-it-until-you-make-it bullshit. What do you think?

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