What’s your plan?

Just because you planned something, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be exactly like you had planned. You plan something to feel safer about the unknown. The unknown, in this case, is the future. You don’t know what is going to happen in 3 years or in the next hour. You can’t know what is going to happen. And exactly not knowing can make you feel really unsafe and scared. Everybody has once even if it was just a second, thought about the future and what it holds for you. Not everybody likes to plan their life because they want to be spontaneous. However, they forget one thing, just because you have planned your day or week that doesn’t mean that you can’t be spontaneous. You aren’t constrained to that plan. That plan is not your life. That plan is a collection of your own thoughts. Thoughts that you compile, put in order and visualise by writing them down or drawing them.

The Unknown

The future is an unknown place for all of us. Some believe in psychics to find out what their future is going to be like. But one thing I know is that the future, your future can only be predicted by yourself. Only you yourself can say what might happen in the future, but nobody can know what is really going to happen. Just like applying for a job, you plan what you are going to write and who you are going to write but until they reply you don’t know the answer. A few weeks ago I would have never thought that I would write something and publish it on the internet. But here I am, in the once unknown, taking a step out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new. For this unknown space, planning can help to make it a bit clearer and simpler. When you plan tomorrow, you already know what is going to happen.

Feeling safe

To feel safe in what you do, is for me personally very important, because when I don’t feel safe with my idea and my project, I feel insecure and I will not be able to work with my full potential. By planning your day or your project, you can feel safer in your daily life and your project. You might ask yourself “Why does planning make you feel safer?”. Well, I thought about it for some time and I have to admit that it’s just a feeling. Sometimes you don’t know something for sure, you just have a feeling that it is the right thing. However, there is one thing I could reply to that question, during your planned project or day you don’t have to think about what you are going to do next because you already know the next step. Maybe that is why planning can make you feel safe.


Some people need to write their thoughts down and to visualise their ideas. You can make a list of everything that comes to your mind and put them in order afterwards and look for connections between them. Another way of summarising your thoughts could be to make a mind map which can slowly grow with every new idea that pops into your head. Exactly this can also be very helpful for planning different things, no matter if it’s your day or a project. By writing your thoughts down you can make sure that you are not going to forget your ideas again. We all like to think that we are not going to forget certain things, but after some days or few weeks, you most likely are not going to remember that thought. Planning for me has to be visual to be able to think clearly.

Planning your days and work can help you to be more productive or it just makes you feel more productive. Personally, I think that when I am motivated to do something I stick to my plan and I can tick off all the tasks. However, if I am unmotivated, I will not be as productive as I could be, even though I had made a plan.

Planning has no end. You can plan everything.