musings on joy

Happiness is enjoyment. Enjoying life. To do that, life must be savored — felt, experienced, cherished. This requires that we stop to look around, take a deep breath, and take stock of where we are in the space-time continuum. We can’t just vacantly go about doing things but always thinking about the next thing, without being present and aware of what we’re doing here and now.

Not just being present, but one step further — being present and taking a moment to bask in whatever you’re doing. Bask in the sunlight streaming through the trees. Read your book with such vigor you can’t think of anything but the words on the page. Sip your morning cup of coffee so luxuriously others envy you: smell the beans, be completely present in drinking it. With your loved ones, mentally step back to realize how great you feel being around them. An experience becomes so rich when we take just a moment to savor it.

Of course, not everything we do in our days is enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate the miracle of being alive. Even when we’re not having ‘fun’, by our standards, we can still be able to savor the delicious joy that is the human experience. Easy? No. Challenging? Certainly. But what’s the point if there’s no contrast? If we don’t know what we don’t enjoy, how can we know and cherish what we do enjoy?

To be enjoyed, life must be savored. So go — experience life with all of your senses and revel in the magic that is existence. Life’s richness comes from savoring the good things — and based on our perspective, they can all be good things.