An Ode to the Cow

Oh, dear cow. So misunderstood.
I am sorry your meat tastes THAT good.
Humans love animals, but only the select,
following vegans on Instagram opened my eyes to your neglect.
Eating you once in a while may be OK,
eating you in excess — the environment is on the fray.
Oh cow, in a field, you shine so bright,
but in a factory, poor thing, you quiver with fright.
Perhaps one day cows will be like a fart in the wind,
I wonder — do I have the discipline?
For now, oh cow, I’m giving you up,
along with plastic bags, plastic bottles and solo cups.
The good news? No meat benefits mind, body and soul.
Surprisingly, oh cow, a life without you seems more whole.

(full disclosure- I haven’t completely given up dairy. This ish is a process!)