To Chief Wahoo. #VICELAND #RISE

What can I say to the man on my hat?
The one I wore proudly as Lofton swung his bat.
I wore him proudly without a hitch,
I even wore it when Kenny threw out the 1st pitch!

I remember the protestors but didn’t know why,
especially since those savages wanted us to die.
Wait?… What? That isn’t true?
We were the ones that had it out for you?

How in the world could I be so blind?
But then again I didn’t learn to have a mind.
Read the book and take the test,
and never forget we’re the best!!!

Back to the man that I truly adore,
You are my inspiration in this world to do much more.
Be true to my word, and self reflect,
and treat mother nature with the utmost respect.