High School, An Adventure Of It’s Own

The school year is nearly over, summer is almost here and soon enough I will be a senior in high school. These last few years have been bumpy but I’m surviving. I lost a few friends on my journey, but I also made new ones. What they say is true, high school goes by so fast. This has truly been an adventure of it’s own. I remember being a freshmen and wondering how I’m going to make it to my classes because I got lost easily. I remember meeting this girl Kassy, who I developed a crush on quickly. Then realizing she was a bad influence, she was into drugs and sex, and got expelled. I remember almost losing my best friend to suicide, losing a classmate to an accident, and taking the ACT for the first time. Sophomore year I stopped talking to my best friend for a while and basically had no friends. Then I met this freshmen named Cas, she became my best friend and even helped me make more friends despite her being new to the district. I tried asking her to homecoming as a date but someone else had already asked her. Oh well, she was still my friend, and she wasn’t a bad influence. In the middle of the year I met this boy named Joe and we started dating, nothing harmless at first but then he started getting abusive and manipulative. We broke up not even two months later. This year, my junior year, has been great, with a few bumps along the way. Beginning of the year my aunt died unexpectedly. But a month later my boyfriend of seven months asked me to be his. I participated in a charity event where I stayed up all night and played video games to raise money for Akron Children’s Hospital. I broke out of my shell and tried out for my school’s Chamber Choir. This year has been pretty good. Senior year will make for a great final adventure for high school.

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