The Election

I know I may be a bit late on this but better late than never, right?

I have not kept tabs on anything political at all throughout the election. I wish I would have though so I know what is going on and what each candidate had planned if they had won. Now here I am not knowing anything about what Donald Trump has planned or if it’s true that Mike Pence is wanting to legalized Conversion Therapy.

For those that don’t know what Conversion Therapy is psychological treatment or spiritual counseling to change an individual’s sexual orientation and gender identity to cisgender and heterosexual. There have been rumors that I have heard about Conversion Therapy where some places electroshock therapy to change an individual. If that’s true for a lot of them then I will be forced to stay “in the closet” of being pansexual. I am out to my close friends and my mom but my dad has no idea because he’s not all for the homosexual lifestyle. But as I said before it was just a rumor I have heard. I don’t know if it is true or not and I hope I will never have to find out.

What I have heard about Trump from my friends on Facebook and what has been said in the media he was a bad decision for President. He has gone bankrupt multiple times, has evaded taxes, and has said some pretty offensive things. But as said before I didn’t keep up with the election so I don’t exactly know that much about it. People are saying that they are fleeing the country because they’re scared. Do they not realize that Congress has to vote on anything Trump has planned? I don’t know. Do they realize that Trump could surprise us and turn out to be a decent human? Probably not.

I will admit that the Conversion Therapy thing has me a bit scared but the chances of it happening could be slim because Congress has to vote on it. I do wish I would have payed more attention to the election that way I could have a more educated opinion on it.

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