The Fantasy Genre Hates Women
Garrett Robinson

Perhaps it is in the best interest of readers to widen the circle of fantasy authors. I suggest starting with Mercedes Lackey. She has written a lot of books, short stories and novellas with strong female characters. Also try Andre Norton, who has co-authored with Lackey. Anne McCaffrey wrote the Pern novels. Tanith Lee, Jennifer Roberson and Jane Yolen are some other authors that should be considered for reading.

Yes the novels and authors you have listed do suffer from a misogynistic view but these are not the only authors out there. And with the older authors such as Tolkien,Vern,& Wells, the world in which they grew up and wrote in did influence the way they wrote. Women were not suppose to be adventurous or powerful, at least not overtly so. Neither will you find characters that are gay. There was a time when it was illegal to be gay. To be a known homosexual was to risk a jail sentence.

When Gene Roddenberry originally came up with the concept of Star Trek, he envisioned a world of equality. The studio heads didn’t like it. They didn’t want a woman to be second in command as was in the pilot. They just couldn’t conceive it possible. It took decades before his vision of equality could be realized.

Books are published. Authors pass on. New authors write new novels with new and re-imagined characters that fit into their new modern world view. Remember that the first science fiction novel was written by a woman. That would be Mary Shelley.

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