I’m starting to have mixed feelings about all these clever analogies that present rape as a kind of unwanted exchange of money or goods
There Has to Be a Better Way to End Rape Culture: It Isn’t At All Like Stealing $5
Anna Hundert

**Edit: I had coffee! (Smaller note: sleeping on your thoughts and editing it later does wonders.)

Hey Anna! I thought this is a great start to open up a discussion about the rape culture. I don’t have a clear idea (unfortunately it’s 2.30am here, I’m sleepy and haven’t read every comment) on what I’m going to contribute but I see a problem here.

The analogies and conversations about rape is oversimplified. It’s sad because it doesn’t capture the intricacies of the issues victims faced. The $5 analogy is quite smart but it’s such a lazy way to put it. Can’t help but to feel these messages are crafted to put it out to the masses, just to remind everyone that rape is bad.

** The conversation we need to have is not just “rape is bad”. Like every greatest stories told to mankind, there is a backstory and aftermath. Like every bullying story, the bully’s intentions is the root of the problem and the victims’ suffering needs a closure.

What I’m going about is, the rape culture conversation is too 1 dimensional. It’s just as bad as telling women to protect themselves against ill-intentioned men. (Don’t let me get started on how boys and men fall through this crack.)

The tea analogy however, was brilliant. I think the message can be improved. Who knows, maybe working with the existing messages may be a better idea to help to open up a difficult conversation.

***Sorry not very coherent now ‘cos I’m about to fall asleep but I still very much would like to take part in this discussion. :/

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