Life Changing Prevention

Imagine you were 15 years old, and you were pregnant with your first child. What do you think you would have done differently? You’re probably thinking, “I wouldn’t have had sex”, but what is the most realistic answer? The answer is contraceptives. The rate of teenage pregnancy in the United States has declined to its lowest level because of contraceptives.

Thirteen percent of United States teens have had sex at the age of 15, and about 70 percent by the age of 19. Contraceptives can prevent pregnancy.

I believe every female should consider taking some kind of contraceptive, because you never know what will happen. A woman’s chance of being raped in the United States is 1 in 5.

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Taking birth control also has great benefits besides preventing your pregnancy. Birth Control can control your acne, stop migraines, and it can regulate your menstrual cycle. There are many different methods of birth control and on the Planned Parenthood website, you can find which method is best for you. Health educators on the Planned Parenthood website can live chat with you about your sex life and they will give you positive feedback on sexual education. Planned Parenthood has information about the different types of birth control such as implants, pills, patches, shots, vaginal rings, and sponges. Sex Education can reduce teen pregnancy, and Planned Parenthood puts emphasis on educating the youth in order to stop teen pregnancy. Contraceptives are life changing and can positively impact a teenager life. Join Planned Parenthood today to alter your life. Climb the ladder of success by simply chatting with an online health educator. Rise up and Stay up through your sexually active life.

In this Video, the child wanted sweeties so bad that he made a scene. His behavior was obnoxious and unpleasant. The father couldn’t even control how his son was acting. He looked absolutely fed up. The message behind this video was to use condoms because it would prevent the situation from happening. If this father would’ve used a condom when he was having sexual intercourse, he would’ve been grocery shopping without worrying about a kid inside the store. This message is really deep, because it shows other people the importance of using contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

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Planned Parenthood provides information about condoms and tutorials on how to use them. At the health centers, Planned Parenthood provides condoms and information on why they are useful.

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