I was lucky enough to join InVision’s seminar series on UX copy last week, and pick the brains of talented UX writers Biz Sanford, Ada Powers, Sara Zailskas Walsh and Lauren Pope. They had a treasure trove of tips about process, inclusive UX copy, collaboration and forms — and I was furiously typing notes to try and keep up! So I wanted to write up my favourite take-aways to keep coming back to, and share with anyone who couldn’t make the seminars.

Here are just five tips for UX writers…

1) Banish lorum ipsum

Biz Sanford said something that really stuck with me: “Low fidelity still means high quality.” Low fidelity is about testing functionality, rather than the visual appearance of the product. You should skip the fine details and fancy flourishes — but remember copy isn’t either of those things. …

Most English adverbs end with ‘ly’…But not all of them. How can you tell? And what the hell is a ‘flat adverb’?

My coworker wrote to me recently about a question for a survey she was writing. She wanted to check which was correct:

“The bootcamp is awesome! But it happens too seldomly
OR “The bootcamp is awesome! But is happens too seldom


I can totally see why you’d go with ‘seldomly’. Normally you would just take the adjective, and bung an ‘ly’ on the end. Like ‘happy’ turns into ‘happily’. Think: Happily, sadly, slowly, quickly, carefully, randomly…

But seldom is an exception. …


Kat Nunn

Copywriter, content strategist and certified word nerd

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