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Luna slowly begins to stir; her mouth is dry and her head is pounding.

She wants to keep her eyes closed for a little longer, but the scent of the room is unfamiliar, and the harsh cotton pillowcase feels rough on the side of her face.

Luna opens her eyes, but the room is dark.

There is nothing more than a slither of light cutting through a small gap in the heavy-set curtains, to light the room.

It is daylight outside.

The bed covers are already thrown over to one side, where someone has already got out.

Her eyes begin…

Luna walks into the corner cafe and sees her favourite secluded table is free and goes to sit down.

There are two people behind the counter waiting to serve and chatting amongst themselves.

The man behind the counter suddenly goes quiet as soon as he sees Luna.

‘So, anyway I was thinking we should all have a night out.’ Julie is oblivious to the fact a customer has just walked in.

‘I’m not really much of a drinker you know.’ Graven continues to wipe a cup out with a tea towel.

‘You can have one or two though can’t you.’…

Luna walks into Ana’s office, whilst Ana is sat down looking through various portfolio pictures muttering to herself about how girls just don’t look like what they used to.

‘Luna sweetie, come in sit down.’

‘How’s it going?’ Asks Luna

‘Yes, very good, things are picking up at last.’

Really, have you managed to bag me something decent yet?’

Ohhh come on Luna, don’t be like that, you know these things gradually start to happen as you get older.’ Ana seems disappointed in Luna’s attitude.

‘Older?’ Luna seems genuinely surprised at Ana’s comment.

‘You’re not 18 anymore, when will you…

Ana sits in her office chair and leans back, before lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag. The walls surrounding her are adorned with pictures of models.

A particularly large portrait of a young redheaded girl with big doe eyes, emphasised by the usual cat eye makeup typical of the era, looks down from above her desk.

Ana takes a folder out of her drawer and places it onto the big mahogany desk in front of her.

She flips through the pages, whilst taking deep pulls on the menthol cigarette.

Ana picks up her mobile phone and unlocks…

The sound of a car door slamming shut merges into the scuffle of high heeled shoes, as they scrape across a cobbled street.

Two people disappear into an unlit doorway.

* * *

A woman tied to the chair flinches as the man standing over her raises his fist and hits her full force in the face.

Unable to speak clearly for the patterned silk scarf gagging her mouth, she screams with muffled sound, trying to curse the man who is standing over her.

The man begins to pace around the bound woman in a circle.

Admiring her, he strokes…

‘Once upon a time, there was a man named, Rodney Alcala.

He was known on the surface to be quite a charismatic man.

A man who, despite his mixed background of failed careers and various criminal convictions, would go on to successfully enrol at film school and adopt the persona of a hip, bohemian photographer.

Spending much of his time poised behind the lens of a camera, and with his change in persona unbeknown to his victims, he would successfully use this ruse, to lure his victims to their fates.

Under the guise of a photographer, Rodney Alcala would often…

Kato Djin

Angel to the dark art of prose

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