Forty eight hours later and the thrill is still eating up my ego. First time in bootcamp, we all know the pleasures of wanting to show our colleagues how excellent our coding skills are, but the expectation that you will be the one in class never occurs to you. My knowledge in programming only gave me an advantage of the title it comes with, but in this bootcamp that was just an old rack that was provided by the old colonists to identify myself among others. I had to throw every thing I knew out and concentrate on understanding this new concept that was placed on my plate. I now can guarantee I know better than yesterday and wish to to quench my thirst as I take each day at a time. I have to admit I have had several downfalls along the day and banging headaches but due to the friends I made during the first day of bootcamp the battle feels like it has been won. The thing that keeps me yearning for more is the snippets of how dynamic what we are learning is. I believe the future is bright and the time to give up has already passed, this the time to pull up my belt over my ego and fears and light the code up!

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