It is the third day of Andela BootCamp and I feel like i have been an expert already. I don’t know if it is because we are getting to areas that I know about or it is because the hard section of the training is over but what I know now is that I don’t need coffee to withstand the turbulence. Today I have managed to hit the target time of when today’s works was to be over. Things that I took interest in, in private, have managed to emerge in today’s work hence I got the chance to work on them and improve my knowledge vastly.

I also managed to have healthy conversations with my teammates and colleagues in the Andela BootCamp. Some things came up and tried to block me but with a good relation with my colleagues i have managed to get help and solutions from them. Today I coded and had fun while doing it. When the code you are writing is heading the correct direction and the algorithms you seem to create are working, your body fills with the kind of excitement that you can see only in a winner.