Every time I tried to begin write about something I was always confused by one fact:

I didn’t write about »that» for ages. Now I am about to do it. But what am I gonna do with all that stuff I have read/seen/written/listened, but I’ve never told anyone about that… Seems like I am nothing with one thought, one little reflection sur quelque chose de male importance…

No, people, come on. Do what you do. Do it whenever you want it. Start from nothing.

I promise to myself I’m gonna leave 1 paragragh a day no matter what happens.

Tres estudios de Lucian Freud es un óleo de 1969 sobre lienzo tríptico del pintor británico de origen irlandés Francis Bacon, representando al artista Lucian Freud. Se vendió en noviembre de 2013 en 142.400.000 dólares -el precio más alto alcanzado en una subasta por una obra de arte.

But what do you really think?