« And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat. » Genesis 3:12

The day was fantastically blenched by the sun, the day was slowly fading out, and me, I was truly and idly returning to my state of mind. At the same time my mind was idly just like me, always stands idly by, with no reason, no complains, no words. In spite of my rather simple daily routine, there existed just one thing could make me want to smile with a knowing grin on my face, like I was the only person who was born before the Earth even existed.

« I like New York in June » song can’t leave my head. So can’t a lot of pictures of that clear perception of nothing. That is how I feel.

– So do you believe in God? — I asked.

– No, I really do not. — he said.

– You are one of those who just don’t believe or you know God does not exist?

So we were arguring one night, then next night, than all days and nights long.But remember: you can’t hug a rolling stone. That is the rule. That is my lesson learnt. Flipping forward is not what life expects. Life is waiting for a play. If you don’t have a screenplay and all you have got is just your insurmountable obstacles, life smells like onions. The smell of disappointment, and there is no hope.

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