Why a metaphor always gains advantage over the facts? Besides the ostentation and narcissism as a consequence, the reason to use metaphorical expressions is a great capacity to built an algorithm, an abstract plane if you will. Facts appear once only but metaphor covers a chain of facts, a family of resembling ones. Now you don’t have to hit the exact fact — with a metaphor you have a key to determinism.

In the view of literature Louis CK succeeded in writing a huge novel by one massive and at the same time well known metaphor. That let me say again novel is very concentrated, has no gaps or blanks, has no gluing or mounting. The whole third episode is a masterpiece.

Of course you may catch me on being too addicted to human relationships in most painful and complicated demonstrations, but that is not the deal. The deal is everybody’s life is more or less touched by what Sarah talks about. The whole episode, yes. Nobody told a metaphor has to be short.

No need to discuss Sarah’s acting — that is pillar of the episode. That is the highest pitch of excellence to reach a perfect content in a perfect form.

I am seized with the delight and disappointment simultaneously. That story is such a nasty blow to the past. The majority of people can find themselves in any second of the story. I guess only a few of them are able to glance back and analyse, because most of people prefer mental onanism instead of correction. “I am not asking, what I should do, I am asking how did you not kill yourself.”

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