CatCat 🤖 LINE HACK 2018

Yes we hack :) Sadly no one like it :P

We have good times anyway :)

What we pain

  1. Event registration/sign up/sign in and repeat, nightmare!
  2. Blockchain events that never use Blockchain for tickets? for real?
  3. Chatbots events that never use Chatbots for tickets? for real?

What we have before LINE HACK 2018 Event

  1. Free ticket system
  2. Cool QR code

What we hack

  1. LINE Flex Message auto conversion from Facebook events
  2. LINE Pay for paid tickets
  3. LINE Beacon for hand free QR while attend
  4. LINE LIFF for display attended user
  5. Google Cloud Natural Language Sentiment Analysis for determine the overall attitude (positive or negative) after event
Yes! we hacked LINE API
No hand generated ticket, Nice ehh?

How we scores

Effective overall use of LINE Technology (10)

  1. LINE Profile instead of registrations
  2. LINE Chatbots for booking tickets
  3. LINE Pay for purchasing tickets
  4. LINE Beacon for attending events
  5. LINE LIFF for organizer

Awesomeness & Creativity (5)

  1. LINE Flex Message auto conversion from Facebook events
  2. Awesome Unique Personalized QR
  3. Awesome frictionless onboard without registration
  4. Awesome ticket generators on Stellar Blockchain
  5. All open source! so awesome!

Innovative idea (5)

  1. Unique Personalized QR with LINE Profile (can be use for naked eye verifications)
  2. Many factors verifications (QR, LINE Beacon, Firebase, Stellar Blockchain)
  3. First time on earth for tokenize ticket on Stellar Blockchain via LINE Chatbots
  4. Hand free ticket validation via LINE Beacon
  5. Realtime Dashboard via LINE LIFF

Technical difficulty (5)

  1. Firebase for Cloud Function, Firestore
  2. Dialogflow for intent and entity
  3. Stellar Blockchain for Transaction and Smart Contract
  4. GCP ML/A.I. for Sentimental Analysis
  5. LINE Beacon for location validation
  6. LINE LIFF for realtime dashboard

Usefulness & Scaleable Market Size (5)

  1. Us : We use it ourself so that’s obviously useful
  2. Organizer : Seamless ticket generator
  3. User : Frictionless registration onboard
  4. Payments : Seamless LINE Pay integration
  5. Cryptocurrency : Build-in wallet, ready to use with LINE LINK token
  6. Business : It’s not just ticket platforms it’s Tokenization platform
  7. Market : We’ve +12.5K post reach without any boost for first events that use our tickets

Did we win?


Did we get any award?


Did we sad?

Yes, it’s take sometime to wrote this blog without crying :P

Did we give up?


we not done yet!

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