🐳 Deploy Docker 1.13 Swarm mode Stack

Visualizer can be look nicer don’t you think?

It’s too easy! even my cats can do this by accidentally walk on enter key, and it took only 152 seconds to do the job! Here’s how

FYI : This is a replicate process from Docker’s official tutorial and as usual I made it dead simple as possible so even my cats can use it. :)


  • Docker 1.13
  • Docker Compose 1.10
  • Docker Machine 0.9

Just download this magic code…

And run it! (On my new 2016 MBP took 152 seconds)

$ . setup-swarm-stack.sh

You’ll see below results… (And 3 websites open)

Look ma! No hand!

The snippet is well comment each line there so do take your time and read it to see how it work especially how to get manager ip and auto join swarm :)

Next stop? How about try deploy it on DigitalOcean ? Try beat me on that and show me what you got ;)

Enjoy Stacking Swarm!

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