🐳 Docker 1.12 Swarm Mode ❤ Raft

Jul 21, 2016 · 2 min read
PS : Modified from Docker asset sry!

Docker 1.12 uses a Raft consensus. Huh? Raft? I never heard of it so to blow my mind I did googling around to know more about it and note it here for later reference. Here’s what I found…

Raft in Manager Node

This flow made many existing stack suddenly “dead”. Sorry to say but what is more faster and simpler is my things so I’m all bet in this one!


Raft Visualization

This one make me understand what Raft is and how it work! So nice! kudos creator even me can understand this so this shouldn’t be problem for you.

Try : http://thesecretlivesofdata.com/raft/

Raft Interactive Visualization

This one is more like tester for me tho, I suggest that you should try try first one and understand it before trying this.

Try : https://raft.github.io/

Both visualization is super awesome! I wish someday I’ll able make something like this! Rad!

Happy Rafting!


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DLT & ML Debugger

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