Export Blender 2.81a to GTLF 2.0

Jan 31 · 2 min read

It’s working as expected at first export, but suddenly took me a day to resolve this! So I will log it down here just in case I forget the combination.

Give my day back!

Problem #1

You will have “cut off” animation issue if your animation is more than 250 frames (mine is 291)

end at 250!? where is my 291

Solution #1

  1. Go to Object Data Properties (as shown in bottom left of picture)
  2. Make it End at your animation keyframe length (mine is 291)
  3. At export option, click to expand Animation setting and uncheck “Always Sample Animations”

Problem #2

You can’t see keyframe

I don’t get this!

And when I try press “i” for menu then select “Visual LocRotScale”

I’m lost…

Solution #2

  1. Delete unused Rig.
  2. Export as FBX (with bake transform).
  3. Import again to new file.
  4. Select and copy only summary keyframe.
  5. Now you can paste keyframe and continue to save the world.

I hope no more issue after this! Arghhhh (Oh, yes I still pursuit on my Data Engineer sake this year and this 3d model is a part of it. Can’t wait to show what it is! :D )


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DLT & ML Debugger

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