Github GraphQL API React Example

Here’s a basic React example that should help you get start with Github GraphQL API.


Github release GitHub GraphQL API

Then 24hrs later, Apollo’s team try it with Apollo React Native iOS…

Now it’s my turn :)


Apllo’s React Native iOS example is too complicated and not runnable via web.


Convert (some of) that example with super basic create-react-app so everybody can have fun with it! Challenge accepted!


Here’s output

BTW, I didn’t add css in equation to keep it simple as possible.

Here’s source : so just clone it (assume you already have git/nodejs install)

$ git clone

Here’s hardest part.

Copy `config.default.js` into a file called `config.js`, and replace `xxx` with your username and password

Here’s fun part :)

$ npm i && npm start



Facebook, Github not convincing enough? See below for more.

The first-ever GraphQL conference is happening in SF on October 26th!

Happy GraphQLing!

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