How to set your home domain and get verified on Stellar 🚀

You released your token on main net and now you need to look like a pro on as verified token.

Forget to capture before it get verified ;D
Read my previous post about ICOs on Stellar if you have not issued your token yet

Let’s start!

  1. Get yourself a hosting (I use DigitalOcean) and domain name with TLS
  2. Add file with your token detail (Replace with your domain name)
desc="1 CAT token represent 1 cat in the world"
conditions="There will only ever be 600,000,000 CAT tokens in existence."

3. Set Home Domain via Stellar’s lab by Set Options operation type

Do submit and it’s done! Just go to and search for your account.


And it’s done! Happy Stellar! 🚀

Donate if you please

// Here’s my Stellar account, all donation belong to my cats! 🐈

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