katopz & blockchain

⛓ Here’s my story with Blockchain, Start with Ethereum (ETH) and end up with Stellar (XLM) 🚀

Who is katopz?

My name is Todsaporn Banjerdkit (1979) or known as @katopz in the open source world. I currently working as CTO of Digithun, a tech company under Jamsai Group and also Tech Lead for SIX.network

katopz & Blockchain?

[2017/11/04] Speak about Ethereum at HUBBA-TO

[2017/11/29] Speak about Blockchain at Tencent Thailand

[2017/11/03] Join Dev Network Team as Blockchain Evangelist

[2018/02/24] Speak about Stellar at Blockchain Developers new trend in 2018 at Knowledge Exchange Center — kx.

[2018/02/25] Join SIX.network team as Technology Lead and convince them to use Stellar instead of Ethereum

[2018/03/17] Setup Stellar 101 events for teaching ICO with Stellar at Geeky base Bangkok

[2018/03/24] Speak about Stellar at Sansiri

[2018/03/25] Create Stellar Developer Thailand Facebook group

[2018/03/27] Help SIX.network ICO with Ethereum and Stellar

[2018/03/30] Cooperate with TDAX to list XLM on their exchange

[2018/04/04] Convince Devnetwork team to switch from Ethereum to Stellar ;)

[2018/04/12] Speak about Stellar at Bitcoin Center Thailand

[2018/04/13] Create tech plan for Hyperledger & Stellar

[2018/04/29] Speak at NAPLAB about SIX and Stellar

[2018/04/13] Speak about Stellar in Korea


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