🚀 Stellar Pre-authorized Transaction

Alice want to make a Paycheck to Bob so she signed the payment to get it hash and use it to create Pre-authorized Transaction and will let Bob use XDR to claim it.

1. Create Account

1.1 Go to Stellar lab to create account


Public Key
Secret Key


Public Key
Secret Key

2. Create payment

2.1 Goto Stellar lab and target testnet.

2.2 Use Alice’s account and fetch next sequence number (34167538581504005) then +1 so its


2.3 Select payment operation, paid Bob’s account for some desired amount.

2.4 Copy hash for later use

Don’t close this tab just yet we will need XDR later!

3. Add signer

3.1 Open another Stellar lab

3.2 Use Alice’s account then fetch next sequence number (34167538581504005)

3.3 Select Set Options operation

3.4 Select Pre-authorized Transaction Hash and fill with copied hash

3.5 Sign with Alice secret and submit like usual

4. Bob claim payment with XDR

4.1 Copy XDR from step 1

4.2 Paste it to Transaction > Post Transaction and submit

4.3 You should see payment succeed result here


Alice just let Bob claim her future payment by XDR. BTW for real life use case Alice should add minimum time bound to let Bob claim it sometime later.


  1. Time bound
  2. Multi-sig
  3. Authorization Required

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