Iran’s Future: Education is their Responsibility

Every morning I routinely get up out of bed, I slam a soft drink for energy and proceed with a little news and homework. Today’s news is a little different from the normal local issues of violence in Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. Every news station was covering the same controversial subject. America and other world leaders will lift sanctions if they come to an agreement for a nuclear deal with Iran. This thought intrigued me because I have mixed feelings on giving an element capable of destruction to Iran who has been one of the leading state sponsors of terrorism. I wasn’t totally sure about the rules of the agreement, so I proceeded to look for information online.

An expert who actually had hands on experience with coming to an agreement named John Carry had an interesting take on it. From watching a couple YouTube interviews with him, I came to the conclusion that the world leaders pushed for Iran’s sanctions so it would force Iran to come to an agreement with the surrounding leaders. Iran was given little air to breath so they would eventually have to come up for air and sign an agreement. If a country is getting out of hand and other leaders come to the same conclusion wouldn’t it be there duty to intervene and to make a path that is in this case stable and a safe road ahead? Stopped by this train of thought I am left with a question on my mind. Is it the leaders of the world that need to set an example and intervene in international issues like this?

Since 9/11 and even before, there has been tension between America and Iran. America has connected and blamed Iran for being involved with terrorism. Since these connections have been made with the radical groups like the Taliban and Iran, I can understand why anyone would be hesitant to hand over uranium to a known abuser. From what I have read and came to understand is, as long as Iran and six other world powers agree on a nuclear agreement, sanctions will be lifted on Iran. Just as John Carry said “That was the point.” of the sanctions to force Iran to make an agreement with nuclear power so that these world powers can feel confident that the uranium that is provided will never be enhanced to the grade of a nuclear weapons.

Senator Richard Shelby firmly stated at a senate hearing in August of 2015, “Iran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. It remains a risk to the national security of the United States. It remains a constant threat to the survival of Israel. Despite these grave concerns it will remain a country with the capability to enrich uranium.” Senator Shelby is expressing his concerns for the international security surrounding Iran. But is this only one side to the story? Understandably he is concentrating on the possible negative repercussions of this nuclear deal, but on the optimistic side this could improve the life of 80 million people in Iran. So does this completely have to do with Iran’s history with terror? Or should we look towards solving Iran’s terror and economic problems to helping the struggling nation for the better of itself and the surrounding nations?

I have talked American troops like my uncle and my cousin that have gone over seas to the Middle East and Iran to help the nation’s effort in creating national security. A main reason why troops were deployed over there were, to make a stable environment to teach and educate willing Iranians to defend for their own country. I have been told in the past by my uncle that most Iranians that are taught to go into combat don’t know how to safely and properly use their weapons. For example he told me an Iranian soldier shot off his hand because he did not know how to properly throw and anticipate the explosion from a grenade. This problem falls under the lack of education that the Iranian troops have been given. The demand for these troops is so high; a lot of them don’t get the proper training and education to deal with the fast pace problems that they actually face. And this comes down to a theory I have heard. With power comes responsibility. With more power like the guns given to troops or the uranium given to Iran requires more education for the proper choices to be made and the most affective choices to be made for the proper solution.

There have been cases studied where people are essentially given power and others are stripped of power. Like a prison guard that has a lot of in a prison compared to a prisoner that has no power. Without the proper education and training the prison guard would be more likely to abuse their power not knowing or fully understanding the consequences and make the right choices.

On the contrary in some parts of the nation, national security has improved. I was listening to a conversation on NPR radio with a born and raised Iranian. She moved to the United States and has gone back to Iran to help her old community. She had a distinct memory when she came back for the first time that stuck out too her. She said she closed her eyes and listened, she heard nothing. As she was brought to tears from this memory she started to explain that what she used to hear were gunshots and children crying. I understand that story sounds contradicting to my point that Iran’s national security needs help, but this is a part of the country that was once covered in fatalities and for now it is a controlled calm area. This scenario is the positive side to helping Iran but there still is much more work need to be done to have a sustainable national security.

On a different note, a person I admire named Peter Joseph; the creator of the Zeitgeist Movement has said “At a basic human level, it is every human’s instinct to take care of one another in the world and what is around us.” Why stop there? Humanities population is increasing like never before, technology is taking leaps that raise the bar in positive and negative ways.

Like the automobile was created, a great form of transportation, but now we understand the byproduct of most cars are harmful to the ozone. Since we have realized this with technology, we have made it a global task to address emission problems and now we are at the verge of solving some of those problems with inventions like solar power and wind power so we can generate electricity and produce little to no byproducts through a purely electric way of transportation like the Tesla car.

So why not raise the bar as a technologically advanced and every changing species, to understand our responsibilities as we progress in technology? Since our species has such an effect on the world, it shouldn’t be our instinct anymore but our duty as the most abundant specie on Earth to take care of our species and the environment including Iran. Yet again, we have seen in the past from horrible events like 9/11, that humans can be very proud of their beliefs and do terrifying things to prove a point even if it affects other lives. Needless to say not every grown human has the same point of view as I do, because of different influences in society like the radical groups the Taliban and ISIS that chant “Death to America”.

Understanding how uneducated opinions or influence can lead to misguidance or hate of another kind. This is why the world leaders and educated people of the matter are so nervous to come to a nuclear agreement. Which is understandably convincing because of the circumstances, the wrong move (agreement) could cause the nuclear element uranium to be in the hands of a Middle Eastern radical.

I believe that education and communication could be the solution. Education can have a huge impact on a nation especially the youth’s and how it can influence judgement. Removing sanction on Iran will let the oppressed government hopefully educate their citizens and youth to starts a new revolution of understanding. I can only imagine there are strong opinions that many Middle Eastern hold close that come from the proudness of their culture and have been passed down through generations.

Removing sanctions will also give the masses of the nation to communicate outside their country. So they can finally surf the web and see for themselves what the rest of the world is actually doing. Being able to communicate with other countries is a big deal to a country under sanction and it will give the oppressed an opportunity to reach out and see what is really happening and make an opinion for themselves.

Unfortunately I don’t see a lot of proud Iranians changing their opinion about America. But on an optimistic point I like to think that everyone starts off fresh with little to no opinion or bias when born. Psychologically, environment has a huge effect on adolescents and how they act and how they interpret things for the rest of their life. Unfortunately the environment that surrounds the Middle East is very influential to the population that surrounds it and I think you could even say that it is potentially poisonous to the generations to come. So I think influencing the younger generations with education will have an impact on Iran in the years to come. Optimistically I look at the youth with faith and in hope through education can come a different more peaceful understanding to the world around them.


I would like to thank Eileen Moscoso for giving me the idea to put a colon in the Title to separate my ideas within a title. I’d like to thank Megan M, Emily W, and Don; for being encouraging and giving me the idea to get more personal and use a story like the one I told about my uncle and cousin and how Uneducated Iranian troops can be a danger to themselves and the people around them. I would also like Google and YouTube for always being there to help and guide me to things I want to learn. I would also like to thank my father for giving me the communication idea and how it is important that people within Iran who haven’t been on the internet can now surf the web.

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