I wasn’t panicked, so much as I was embarrassed. Embarrassed that I had told everyone that I was leaving Edinburgh for my dream job, that I had been so excited about starting a new life, that I had been kicked so spectacularly in the teeth.
My Week at SoundCloud
Matthew Liam Healy

Thanks for sharing you story. I also thought about writing a blog post about our on-boarding week. Especially this paragraph touches me because I had similar feelings. It’s this feeling of embarrassment of losing the dream job and being left with nothing without having done anything wrong. It’s like having someone you fell in love who pretends to date you and you tell all your pals about the love of your life and the very next day you get dumped with a text message. What would you do? Find a new girlfriend just after that? I really couldn’t put this behind me yet.

When I got my offer it was almost mid of May btw, so I can’t see when exactly they stopped any hirings.

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