I lost my shit this morning

Which is my least favorite way to start the day.

In my defense, I did not sleep well last night. My mind was racing and my husband was snoring and my little one woke up and needed a snuggle and when I climbed into her bed I discovered her water bottle had leaked all over the sheets so I ended up soaking wet and when she finally fell back asleep I crept out to the couch where I couldn’t hear the snoring but my sweet, senile dog kept walking around the house like a restless spirit, her long nails clickety-clacking on the hardwood floors. Also, we have crickets. There’s a whole colony of them the front porch but occasionally, like last night, I hear them singing inside the house. I can never quite figure out where they are — in the walls?

Anyway, I was more tired than usual this morning. Not that it’s any excuse.

Last night while reading Real Simple I came across a great piece of parenting advice that said something like, “Don’t be the thermometer, be the thermostat.” It took me a minute or two to grasp this idea, probably because we don’t have AC. But then it clicked and I was like, “Oooooh, I get it. Set the temperature. Be the calm. Keep your cool . Yeah, man, I dig it.”

I started the morning off with great hopes of tapping into the deep well of calm within me (something I also read somewhere long ago that struck a chord in me but in reality has made no difference in my ability to cope) and referee a peaceful start to a lovely day. To keep my cool. To be the thermostat. Then one thing led to another and I threw a pair of socks at my seven year old. Not tossed, hurled. Then stomped out of the room in a huff.

Not my finest moment.

I need to do more of this. (Photo by Robyn Breen Shinn.)
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