The other night I happened upon Mila sitting at the coffee table pouring the contents of one (bright blue) magic potion test tube into another (bright red) magic potion test tube right over our new(ish) rug. It already has some electric blue streaks thanks to the hair crayons she got for her birthday and I’d already asked her not to do it there. Without thinking, I yelled something heartless like, “Do that in the kitchen! That rug is the nicest thing we own, I don’t want you ruining it!”

She raised her eyebrows, test tube cocked, and said, “Really? It’s the nicest thing we own?” Obviously I couldn’t back down at that point, so I said (snapped), “Yes. Really.”

She thought about this for a minute then stood up, still holding her test tubes. As she carried them carefully to the kitchen she said, without looking at me and without a hint of malice, “Do you know what my favorite ‘thing’ in the whole world is mummy?”

“What?” I asked.

“My family.”

Well, don’t I feel like the asshole. Again.

She wins again. Photo by Robyn Breen Shinn.

This post originally appeared on Flapping Brick Wings.

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