Honesty, Skin Deep

My most recent recommendation has to be The Skin Deep {THE AND} experience documentary. Its a series of unique interviews between two people: friends, lovers (both old and current), mothers, fathers, and strangers, asking questions that we’d never normally ask, that may scare us. The two have written out questions that they, or the other person will ask, whilst being filmed. Warning, these videos are guaranteed to pull on your heart strings:

Ali and Andrew were together for 7 years, and split up 2 years ago

It’s the opportunity for the couple Ali and Andrew, after so long apart, to ask and answer unanswered, genuine questions to put their mind at rest, and get closure on the relationship. It’s so moving to see the raw emotions as the two come to terms with the reason for the break up of their relationship and reminisce on the best times they spent together.

Father’s Day Special, Gregory and Joshua

The Father’s Day Specials focus on new parents communicating with their children asking what they want more of, and what the kids have taught them. The experience allows both the father and the child to express their feelings and emotions, whilst learning from one another.

Mother Martha, and son Ben, 23 talk about their family’s difficult path

From a family perspective, it’s moving for Martha and Ben to talk about their difficult times, the challenges Martha faced as a parent, and Ben as her child, what makes them proud everyday, and the effect on the family with the loss of their father.

The Skin Deep series are one of the most fascinating, emotional and refreshing documentaries I’ve watched. I find it so interesting to see two individuals asking such genuine but compelling questions, and to not only hear, but see and feel the other person’s answers. I think for any relationship, whether it be family, friends, work, or romantic, communication and honesty is vital. People have to be honest and open with the other person, or people in the relationship about their emotions, thoughts, what scares them, makes them happy, and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. It is so important that we are true to our family, friends and partners, so that together, you can work to strengthen the relationship.

I think I would love to do these interviews and have that experience with different people in my life and ask those questions I’ve never felt have been answered, to learn the truth about myself and the experiences I have shared with others.

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