“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” – Bertrand Russell

Firstly I have to apologise to my readers, and mainly to myself for not posting over the past three weeks. I’ve always been taught that consistency is key, so I should really stick to regularly blogging. Let’s blame it on the seasons.

Over the past few weeks, I did, follow my own advice (first time for everything) and switched off. In between learning a new skill, preparing for another interview, and any other career worries and questions, I switched off.

As quoted by Bertrand Russell, “the time you spend wasting is not wasted time.” It’s not as though I’ve spent the past few weeks being unproductive as such, but I’ve been doing the things that I love, and making memories that I can look back on.

I’ve broken my time down into three areas:

Family & friends

Christmas is the season for giving. Gifts are the first thing we think to give, but this year, I also gave my time. I spend time with my friends and family, catching up on anything and everything, making memories to cherise for a lifetime. I am so excited to start my new job next month, and take the next step in my career, however, I truly believe that you need that invaluable support system with friends and family, any investing in things outside of work. It’s having those people who love you beyond the ‘Monday – Friday’ working week, although most of us work weekends and evenings, but you get the idea.


Having taken some time to switch off, I’ve been able to spend the time doing both the things I love, and those things that are good for me. A friend of mine taught me that there is always something to do, even if I sit there, adamant that there isn’t. My latest activity has been completing my colouring book: a gift I never realised I’d be so grateful for. Besides the colouring pencils, I’m actually training for the triathlon, which is this year! Having run the marathon, and being raised with 2 sisters, naturally I’m always looking to be the favourite daughter, so cycling, swimming and running a extreme distance surely gets my parents approval.


Over the past year or so, Ive learnt to take advice and recommendations from almost everyone I meet.. Whether it be a restaurant, a Google Chrome extension, how to find inner peace, or a podcast from someone whom I consider one of the most interesting and intelligent people I know. Over the past three weeks, Ive found that taking these recommendations, my routines, favourite reads and energy have been enhanced, and I’m already starting to feel more positive!

A slightly shorter blog, and I suppose it’s about remembering to actually post blogs and waste time well.

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