Guidelines To Getting Better Sleep

katrina banach
Jun 29, 2018 · 2 min read

Without enough sleep, it is hard to fully apply yourself the next day or the one after and so on and so forth. As a matter of fact, breaking this habit can be very hard. Now, because of all the many challenges, gadgets and gizmos and heightened stress levels, more and more people are struggling to fall asleep at night. It has become a common fixture to see people dozing off during the day whether in classrooms or workplaces. The best solution to this problem is simply to seek ways to get better sleep. Here are some guidelines to getting better sleep.

First order of business is to transform your bedroom to a more comfortable sleeping environment. The whole bedroom design might have to change completely in order to get to this end result. Check the bed and see if it might be the cause of the distress and change it. A comfortable mattress is also very helpful so get a better one. If your bedroom is located in a noisy place, get earplugs or even get the room sound proofed if you can. Minimize the light by getting darker shades and drapes.

The other thing is to ensure that the bedroom is just that, a bedroom for sleeping and not much else. No TV watching or internet browsing should be brought into this area. This serves to precondition your mind and get it ready to sleep every time you enter the bedroom.

A lifestyle change is also important. This refers to the food you take. No food should be consumed 3 hours before bedtime. A light bedtime snack is acceptable as it might keep hunger pangs away but a heavy meal should be taken a lot earlier. Empty the bladder before bedtime. Keep away from caffeine 6 hours before bed and also alcohol. Even though alcohol makes one drowsy, it disrupts sleep in the middle of the night making for yet another bad sleep night.

Exercising is always a great thing, however, finish all your exercises 3 hours before bedtime as that will give you enough time to wind down. Set a routine timeline for your sleep time as well as this will help you get better sleep.

This guide is a good resource that you can rely on to having that rest you are yearning for. Make the necessary changes as listed and you shall optimize your sleep fully.

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