Jumping head first into the world of UX without a swimsuit

Oh, General Assembly, what would I do without you? After working 8 months at tech/design/business school start-up I decided it was time take the next step in my life and enroll myself in the User Experience Design Immersive Program. The first week I had a few struggles thinking can I really do this? Can I be a good UX Designer? Do I even know what I’m doing? But after the help with my awesome instructors Jill DaSilva & James Stables I realized the power of growth mindset and that I only get better from here. This led me to our first project!

Project # 1

Brief: Find a partner to work with for the rest of the week. Design an app for your partner’s favorite movie or TV show. The app is designed for fans, and is used to promote the movie or TV show. Features may include: video trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, cast and crew credits/bios, social media connections, ability to buy tickets if applicable, and possibly space for ads and sponsors


Meet Alyse hailing San Francisco and currently living in Los Angeles studying User Experience Design full-time.

Background: City Dweller, Single, Photographer, Designer

Interests: Hiking, cooking, live music, trying new restaurants, loves to watch tv on her Roku in her spare time

Devices: Television, Laptop, Roku & iPhone

Favorite Show: Narcos

Scenario: Alyse just finished binge watching Narcos since the series is based on true events she wants to learn more about an event that happened on the show.


After my interview with Alyse I had to figure out what other apps were out there that had similar features. Narcos is a brand show just premiering several months ago after some research through the app store as well as resources from the internet I came to the conclusion that no app exists yet, allowing me complete creative freedom to concept fresh for Alyse.

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

As I stated before that there is not Narcos app, I decided to compare other related apps to shows with similar themes. I decided to compare it to the Breaking Bad on the AMC app — for iOS. I realized that there were not many extra features other than cast and crew interviews and behind the scenes.

Needs & Goals

Through my initial interview with Alyse I went over all the important things the app needed to include. Trying to avoid scope creep- since I can conceptualize a whole app I narrowed down the main points illustrated in the pictures below:

Participatory Design

After deciding what features Alyse sought out most I was able to write on post-its and organize them. I was luck to have her order her most important items that the app would have by sorting them “Must Have,” “Nice(to have),” and “Extra Cool(not mandatory)” features.

Card Sorting


Since we were only given a few days to come up with a concept I thought I could work on my sketching abilities and illustrate my ideas.


Check out my clickable-prototype via Pop-App!

Next Steps

User test with my persona

Obtain feedback in order to improve app

Adding a Netflix log-in for easy access for the user

Avoid making my own assumptions about user needs and behavior