An Open Letter to the Real GOP
Dave Pell

Excellent analysis. While I still feel Mitt Romney would have been an amazing president, for country and party, I can understand the movement within the Republican party that has torn it asunder. It’s DOA but instead of writing obituaries, its leadership continues to prop up limbs and pantomime political action. You astutely said Trump’s following is “the party of Trump.” He is third party, which is what makes this election feel so utterly bizzare to anyone paying attention. A third party candidate named Evan McMullin is running as the only conservative in the race while the Republican nominee puts forward an agenda anathema to the party’s actual platform and principles. Shocking!

We can only hope the shock sticks long enough to incite a reset for conservatives across the country. A new conservative movement is definitely needed, one that once again vies for the hearts and minds of the people based on sound conservative principles like self-determination, liberty, equality, and frugal government. That’s the miracle I pray will descend like cleansing rain after this turbulent and showy storm.