Bye 2015!

and welcome 2016!

so.. this is going to be my “prolog”. here we go!

2015 hasn’t been the best year of my life. I started it while covering the story about the AirAsia QZ8501 plane crash in Pangkalan Bun, Borneo. That time I still working as Berita Satu TV News Reporter. And yes, I spent my NYE literally with ambulance sirine while waiting for the dead bodies of the victims arrived at RSUD Sutan Imanuddin Pangkalan Bun.

I spent about 11 days since new years eve at Pangkalan Bun. Every single day I have to deal with the dead bodies identification. I still got some pictures (not published) of the victims until now. And guess what? none of them look good. Yes people, no matter how pretty you are, how fab your hair, your georg you are, we all will die ugly.

The most saddest thing about that plane crash is that those people fly with happy faces and about to enjoy their holiday with family, friends, and their love ones. My journey in Pangkalan Bun makes me realize something. I learn that..

Anything could happen to anyone, anytime.

So that’s how I started my 2015. Then days goes by.. until I decided to join CNN Indonesia TV by the end of March. (Yeay!)

Actually, I got this offer to join since September 2014 from my mentor from Berita Satu whom already joined CNN. But it takes that long to say yes because Berita Satu is my comfort zone. Then one day I ask my mentor, “give me one reason why should I join you at CNN?”. he replied only with one sentence, “why do you have to stay?”

BAM! that hits me right in my face. I don’t have any reason to stay. I was just scared to leave my comfort zone. Then, another life lesson came through me..

It is scary as hell to leave your comfort zone. But if it slows you down, it’s time to move it!

So, I said yes to CNN. and I think thats the best decision I made in 2015 :)

Not long since I join CNN, I got a phone call from my aunt while I was in a meeting at the office. I remember I started that day just like a regular day. Well, until that phone call rang on my phone. I pick it up and I hear my aunt sobbing while saying “..grandma’s gone.”. I gasped. and all I can say is “lie.”

Then my aunt give me the detail and I rushed out of the meeting room, back to my desk and sit on the ground. I can’t feel my legs.

Then I get up, I text my boss “my grandma passed away. sorry, but I have to leave early.”, then I rush to the nearest train station, and hop on to Bogor, where my grandma lives.

I remember that it feels like the longest train ride I have ever been on. it’s only 45 minutes but it feels like forever. I keep on pretending to yawn everytime my tear drops. I don’t want people to look at me in pity.

When I arrived at my grandma’s house, it’s already packed with families and people I don’t even know. I rushed in to the house and there she is.. my grandma lying on her bed. so pretty. yet, cold.

I cried. My mind was full of regrets. That was like the first time I saw my grandma after months. She lives alone in Bogor while most of her family like me lives in Jakarta. What makes me regret the most is the last thing she said to me by phone was, “when will you come by? I’m really lonely. spend a night here with me.”

And I said “I can’t. I have to work.”

Dude, seriously.. you don’t wanna feel what I feel. Family comes first.

You don’t know when God will take the people you love away from you. No, you don’t.

So that’s a few highlight of 2015. Most of my 2015 was filled with work. Yep, been really busy. Until.. It hits my liver. I got infected by hepatitis A while doing a report about the disease at the end of the year. Therefore, I have to spend my 2016 NYE at the hospital. Not the best way to end a year. But I know that the upcoming 2016 will be great. I just know it. I can feel it!

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