Everywoman’s Health Centre Website Redesign

Everywoman’s Health Centre is a non-profit women’s abortion clinic that also offers other women’s health services.


Everywoman’s Health Centre has been providing excellent care to women for over 25 years. Abortion has been a tough and touchy topic to society but Everywoman’s Health wants to change this — they want abortion to be seen as something more normal, as 1 in 3 women in their lifetime will have an abortion. Their clinic wants to empower women to allow them to be able to have the freedom of choice, and to allow them to feel at ease with abortion and women’s health in general.

Existing Website Screen Shots
Existing Website Screen Shots



  • Affinity Diagram
  • Persona
  • Content Audit
  • Card Sort
  • What features or information they look for or would like to look for;
  • To find out how the users are donating as part of Everywoman’s Health Centre’s donation goal.
Examples of questions asked in Survey
  • Many people going to EWHC calls instead of looks on the website as there is too much to read, or they couldn’t find what they were looking for
  • You currently can not make appointments online, but you must call. This is due to the unique nature of every woman’s health condition and needs
Affinity Diagram of Interview and Survey results
  • What makes people donate
    - Related causes to support
    - Aligned values
  • What users like
    - Easy navigation
    - Easy to make appointment
    - Accessibility and safety
  • Persona
    - Majority of women are aged 20–29
    - Not religious
    - Makes around $30,000/year
  • Have easy access to general information
  • Find out detailed services
  • Quickly access clinic info
User Persona
Screenshot of Content Audit
Card sort example



  • Sitemap
  • Key Features
  • User Flow
User Storyboard
  • Not knowing which clinic she can trust
  • Not having an easy way to speak to someone at the clinic
  • Information on the website that is not organised and lack of imagery
  • A call feature
  • Donations page
  • Making appointments easily, and differentiating between online and calling for an appointment
  • Reorganised contents
  • Easy access to contact the clinic
EWHC Website User Flow


We started off our prototyping journey by sketching out ideas on how we visualised the individual pages would look like. We drew out our main screens and tested with users to find out how to make the prototype best for them.

Site map V2 — Updated after testing

Final Screens

The UI team then went ahead and created beautiful branding and design to the prototype. Click here and here to view their research and ideation.

Future Considerations

  • Online bookings for appointments. Currently, EWHC is incorporating a third party booking system to better improve the experience of the user so they do not need to call in
  • Search Function — Since there is so much content on the website, it might be helpful to have a search function to quickly access something specific the user is looking for
  • Bread crumbs and links for the screens that can only be accessed to multiple clicks for easy navigation

Hi there! I am a Designer and Photographer based in Vancouver, BC. My skills are but not limited to social media, branding, marketing, typography and print.

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