McCreary Centre Society is a non-government not-for-profit committed to improving the health of BC youth through research, evaluation and community based projects. Their vision is that all youth are supported to be healthy and connected.

3 Weeks

The Team

Everywoman’s Health Centre is a non-profit women’s abortion clinic that also offers other women’s health services.

Three weeks

Project Goal
To redesign the existing website to reflect the company’s newer, more modern values and appeal to the target demographic.

Business Goal
To gather interest and community support, and to have readily accessible information to create an inclusive, professional feeling for donors and clients using the website.

Meet the team

Edify is an online platform that connects parents to independent at home After School Care providers with the benefits of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) for 5–12 year olds.

3 weeks

Project Goal
To create an app for Edify that allows parents to receive updates on their child/children. They will have access to the unique curriculum, the provider’s information and useful resources that Edify provides.

Business Goal To give parents the ability to put trust into a dependable after school care provider and be updated on the quality of learning their child gets throughout their busy working…

Photo by: Eric Flexyourhead

In a growing bike-friendly city, Vancouver has a large amount of cyclists who enjoy biking for commuting or recreational purposes. The Vancouver scene is in great support of local stores, making them great competition to big corporate companies. Bikes on Main promotes an easier e-commerce experience for users in search for bikes, bike services and bike accessories in Vancouver and brings together bike shops on Main Street.


As e-commerce stores becomes increasingly popular, it is a challenge for local bike stores to compete.

In 2016, retail e-commerce sales amounted to 18.34 billion U.S. dollars and are projected to grow to 28.66 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.The …

Katrina Megan Yu

Hi there! I am a Designer and Photographer based in Vancouver, BC. My skills are but not limited to social media, branding, marketing, typography and print.

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