Katrina Muller

Journ 225–001

Sept. 20, 2016

Fashion is the Passion

Ever since I can remember I have looked forward to picking out outfits for every occasion. From bonfires, to dances, to vacation and even just for school, I have loved spending the time assembling the cloths I plan to wear. When I was in high school I took a fashion class for two years where we would make our own outfits from scratch, and then go into competitions. This, however, I decided was not the kind of fashion I wanted to pursue. The labor was hard, and to me, not rewarding. I later realized that I liked the clothes that were already made, that I could mix and match.

To become a personal stylist, it is required to have some kind of experience. This means things like costume design, or even volunteering for charity events. These things will help you to create a portfolio and even find some connections. Not to mention the more practice and the time that you spend in the field will help you to feel more comfortable there.

The idea, that a Fashion Degree is needed to become a personal stylist, is not correct. According to Susan Shain, a blogger who has been traveling and working for nearly a decade, sates that there are only three things you need to become a personal stylist. This list includes; having good taste in style, being able to communicate well with people, and understanding business. This magical trio can make or break you in the field of personal styling

Based on information from Study.com, the average income for a personal stylist is around $50,000 a year. The job description, for a personal stylist that makes this money, is that they know the client. The stylist must be able to apply the fashion trends of today into the everyday wardrobe of the client. Along with this the stylist must take into account the anticipated image, taste and body type.

From experience to fashion intuition there is a lot that needs to be taken into account when pursuing personal styling.

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