Stray people

When she looked him in his green, dark eyes she saw all terror and pain he felt. The two of them had been glued together and torn apart, and now they stand back with wood splints in their chests. Cracking sounds have filled the air too long before she finally decided to leave. At that time his eyes became watery for the first time, when he realized that she wouldn’t look back at his pleading face. Glow sticks are spread across the harsh floor with loops and broken phrases. The sparkles they had set alit are slowly dying out when the air lacks the needed oxygen. Everyone told them they were perfectly aligned, but oh how she felt the mold beneath the smooth wooden panel. It came in stages, faster than she could describe, and suddenly one day their glances didn’t meet and their heart voices didn’t harmonize. Another twist she felt, another breath she held. All for nothing, when his arms held her down in freezing cold water that speared her fragile lungs.

They stand in a square room with tiles neatly placed side by side. The floor is the only thing that seems out of place, both in style and colours. He praised the darkness that surrounded them, smiled every time he saw the last rays of sunlight turn to nothing, and his heart melted warm in his chest every time they walked out the door. The walls are so deep in colours, and all she tries to do is focus on the bright tiles. They had been sitting here for several months, they saw the same but their mind-sets were slowly variating more and more. When the first tile on the floor fell down, into oblivion, she manically fled to the other end of the room, while he let out a laughter. He stands still and when the tile beneath his feet starts to shake, he simply smiles at her before welcoming the void.