Back to normal?! Data and Technology in Times of Crises

Statistics and contact-tracing applications bear the promise to “master” the COVID-19 crisis — but which systems of power do they actually uphold?

Graph by; Image by After Katsushika Hokusai — Restored version of File:Great Wave off Kanagawa.jpg,; Collage inspired by Jonathan Gray @jwyg
By Carl Linnaeus —, Public Domain,

Just like big tech ‘fixed’ inefficient book industries (Amazon), inefficient elections (Cambridge Analytica), or inefficient labour markets (TaskRabbit), it now wants to ‘fix’ a pandemic with surveillance technologies.

But the big tech companies not only want to ‘fix’ it on their own accounts, they now want to team up with each other and additionally team up with governments, a mixture that, since the Snowden revelations, should be clear to be extremely dangerous.

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