I have to stop saying things I don’t know to be true. Test everything. Day 2 of 90.
Regina Anaejionu

I could not agree with you more Regina. This is one of 2 reasons that I have decided to start creating courses for people who aspire to create and launch an apparel brand from scratch. 1- I recognize that startups have limited resources and so many people may not be able to hire me to do the work for them. 2- and the more important one. is that there are SO many people out there who are passing out OLD information about how they created their apparel brand and made x amount in sales 30 years ago. They no longer currently run an apparel brand so I always get frustrated when what they teach does not TRULY help people today. I don’t think that they intentionally give out false information, but since they are no longer active in the industry in terms of running a business its only natural that they give out info that worked for them but is no longer applicable today.

I’m hoping that by offering affordable courses I get GOOD info into people’s hands and set them up for success.

Thank you for being REAL. I absolutely appreciate it.

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