When I say it’s not you, it’s me…it’s really me

When I tell you it’s me and not you, please believe me.

All I request for is a bit of time and understanding, and for you to know that I do want you, so much. I run the risk of ruining all possibilities of a future for us. Who’s to say what will come about us anyway, but with the way that I feel about you, I want to do all that I can to make it last. At this point, I know that all will ever come is a happily ever after or a painful heart break. The issue is I’m afraid that we’ve moved too fast, and I’m afraid we’ve set ourselves back a few steps. You didn’t give me enough time to reassure myself that perhaps, I might be good enough — this self doubt. Enough momentary notice to allow me to process the reality that I perhaps, I may be that woman that you said you wanted to always be happy. Or enough time for me to accept that we could truly be, us. The over-activity and anxiety that plagues my cerebrum, which has set us back way too fast is why we it’ll be longer, if it ever does become. I truly want us to work out, so just wait a little bit for me.