What am I being notified of?

Should I turn them off?

As I was trying to have a conversation, with someone of interest, my mobile goes — beep beep. The notification was duly ignored.

A little later, the conversation escalates into a debate, and again — beep beep. It beeps again for another ten times. Ignored every time, my eyes do not wander away from my conversation partner. My brain did not wonder who that could be, what they would want, or what was posted or who found what funny. This was a reminder, to the person in front of me, that I was there, in that conversation, in real life.

I am not going to stare at the screen, trying to cater to my notifications. I would rather appreciate the fact, that some one took some precious time to be there in person and have a conversation.

In search of connectivity and social networking, we indeed have lost time for ourselves and time for others who are actually surrounding us. We try to keep in contact with some one who met somewhere and thought was cool. But sadly ignore those who appreciate our company.

Not a lot of people, switch off their notifications when they wander out. Guilty as charged, I didn’t do it as well. But, I realized how rude and disrespectful it is to take out the phone every ten minutes, or for every notification and bury your face into a plastic screen. When someone actually did it, I felt ashamed. I felt that I sent out a message that whenever I take out the phone, I am inferring that I would rather be talking to that person far away, rather than the one in front of me.

I have changed, or rather trying to change. I don’t want the beeps or the blinking lights to remind me of what I am missing. I have realised that the mobile phone is a gadget of convenience, not a baby crying for attention. I am it’s master. I am my own master.

So, the next time when some one takes out the phone frequently, forgetting you exist, do not feel bad. Instead, show them what it is to be done. Wait for your notification or call. Do not break away from conversation. Just ignore the notification and remind the other person that you acknowledge their presence. Show them how a conversation works.

Don ‘t turn those notifications off. Ignore them.

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