Webdev Weekly (WW) #2

News, stories, videos for week 48/2018

Important news

INTERNET IS BROKEN, sincerely yours, open source → https://twitter.com/krausefx/status/1067124100332744704


Do not customize scrollbars! NEVER! → https://twitter.com/css/status/1065993680111185920

Dark / Light from Mojave to the Web → https://blog.1password.com/from-dark-to-light-and-back-again/


Rewrite your Git history for Prettier & ES6 → https://twitter.com/acemarke/status/1063924249830801409


must read React Roadmap → https://reactjs.org/blog/2018/11/27/react-16-roadmap.html

must see Introduction to React Hooks → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd8R0a2Ur8Q

must see Introduction to React.lazy and Suspense → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGSAPfjOHBM

React to HTML with babel plugin → https://twitter.com/survivejs/status/1066234969016676352

JSX without headache from Developit. The HTM → https://twitter.com/webstandardsru/status/1065975796181938176

Deep dive into React Fiber (algoritm of virtual DOM) → https://twitter.com/maximkoretskyi/status/1067353407609016325


Fancy NGINX config generator → https://nginxconfig.io

Web Assembly

Example of Web Assembly. Vim. → https://twitter.com/harukasanrss/status/1066236575409995776

Web Components

Browser Native Custom Components → https://bendyworks.com/blog/tale-of-four-components


List of frontend channels in Telegram (FYI) → https://t.me/forwebdev/3464

Secure JSON

Secure JSON → https://twitter.com/francoisz/status/1065261306364788736


NCC. Node Compiler Collectoin. Bundling your nodejs for easy deployment → https://zeit.co/blog/ncc


Move all the things to the cloud! → https://aws.amazon.com/cloud9/

Just in case you missed

NPM modules are so awesome! → https://twitter.com/shiroginne/status/1067872102194323458