What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

anyone want to comment about union workers? on the surface, it appears impossible for men and women to earn anything but the exact same amount of money. for example, my teacher’s union ensures pay is based on 2 factors. ..# of years worked as educational achievement. sounds perfectly equal, right? it is.

however, as i think a bit more, in public education there are many other job opportunities to make a stipend to support individual income. these are the coaching and club advisory positions. compare the number of coaches for a boys football team (5+) compared to the comparable fall sport of girls field hockey (1, or 2)? consider volleyball, usually for women only, a sport which hires one coach. men’s ice hockey, at least three coaches.

it is my humble opinion that typically the coaches of boys sport are men, while typically the smaller staffs for girls sports are held by women. please note the word, typically, for there are exceptions. so, in terms of the wage gap, when comparing the overall amount of money being made by male/female teachers, male teachers appear to have more positions available to earn a bit more money annually.

now, when are these extra stipend positions available? why after school, and may i humbly comment that the typical after school job of meeting the kids has been women. another factor that contributes to the wage gap in public education. hence many women may consider stipend positions that are not as demanding of their time after school. thankfully, family duties have become more equal over the decades, which has opened up the opportunity for women to commit to the time consuming after school positions.

i have often touted that it appears impossible for union employed companies do not contribute to the $0.79 wage gap, but today and hereon, i must reconsider.