Take Me To Church

This past Sunday I took my family to church which was a big moment for us.

My husband has never stepped foot in a church and I stopped going to church 20 years ago. It was probably a month ago, and I was probably watching Dr. Phil or Judge Judy or something. One of those tv shows where you’re left scratching your head wondering how the hell those people turned out the way they did. (This is something I think about a lot thanks to becoming a mom.) That’s probably when I first had the thought “my kids should go to church.” What? Why? Do I even believe in God? Clearly I had some questions to answer.

One was easy. I do believe in God. More precisely, I believe in a universal intangible force that effects everything around us or God. The personification of this creeps me out a bit but for me god=life then loving god simply means loving life. This belief has helped me have a greater understanding. A way of explaining the inexplicable or simply accepting that not everything can be explained. I have faith. I want this for my kids.

I also believe we live in a world where our sense of community is disappearing. We (society) are slowly becoming more and more egocentric while at the same time losing our awareness and our compassion. Evidence of this is everywhere you look. We don’t want to be egocentric, we want to be kind, compassionate and giving, we just don’t make time for it. I want to make time. A church group is simply people who make time even if it’s just once a week for an hour. Now I by no means am saying everyone who goes to church is perfect, but many of them are trying and that’s the point.

So ya, we went to church. Not catholic church, but community church. The sermon was on setting goals and living life with intention. It was good. We will go again.

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