My Guardian Angels

There are certain things in life that makes you happy whether it is materialistic or sentimental. In some cases, you get so attached to that one thing that it becomes a habit or part of your life. For me, one of the best feelings or pleasures in life is “love”; love for food, an animal, a friend or family. Love is a special feeling that makes you a better person and thanks to my grandparent’s I am the person that I am today and I continue to be the best I can for them.

My grandparents are Angela and Dionicio Liriano. My grandfather was tall, brown skin, straight black hair, and with brown eyes. He was very respected by our neighborhood because he never argued with anyone. He used to always have a smile on his face and to whoever came to our house, he used to make them feel like they were at home. He used to help the ones that needed the most around our neighborhood. In the other hand, my grand is short, white skin, bluish-gray eyes, and black hair. She is also very respected by our neighbors and she is the one who put the rules in our house. We had to do things as she said and at the time she said, which was a little annoying at the time but in the end, all she did was to make me a better person.

When I was a little girl, my parents got divorced and I stood living with my grandparents. I never lost communication with my parents because they used to call me and visit me whenever they could. My grandparents made my parent’s divorce a little easier for me because dealing with a divorce is never easy and sometimes the ones that suffer the most are the children.

As they say; “nobody can do for a little child what grandparents do”. My grandparent’s lived day in day to support me in all ways they could and make me happy. My grandmother used to pick me up at school every day on time, I never had to wait for her. If someone ever did something to me she used to confront them and stand up for me. My grandfather used to work very hard each day to give me and my grandmother all he could, thanks to him I never miss anything. I had all I need to be happy.

Not everything in life is happiness, life can be rough on you at times. My grandfather used to worry for all his family members except for him. Three years ago, he started getting very sick, and throughout time he started to weaken. He never wanted to go see a doctor and as much we used to try to convince him, he would’ve still said “no”. He started losing his capacity to walk and to grab things with his hand. He was in such a bad condition that he started to get pale and couldn’t sleep at night due to tremendous bones pain and not being able to breath properly if he laid down. I remember staying up all night by his side. Seeing him not being able to lay down in bed and telling me “my little try to go to sleep, I’ll be alright” broke me in pieces.

One of my grandfather’s sister in law (my godmother) took the first step and got him a doctor to come and see him at our house. When the doctor saw him, he was in such a critical condition that he had to be hospitalized immediately. Thanks to the right treatments the doctors stabilized him but he needed a deeper treatment. The doctor consider that it was better to transfer him to a U.S. hospital. When he was finally in the U.S. the doctors here determined that he need to get Dialysis which is the separation of particles in a liquid on the basis of differences in their ability to pass through a membrane. He recovered a little better and could sleep at night and lay down in bed. Even though he did recover, the doctor had to be realistic and said that with time all his organs were going to decay again.

I thank god every day for giving me the opportunity to spend last summer 2016 taking care of him along with other family members. December 9th, 2016 was the worst day of my life. I received a called saying that my grandfather passed away. I couldn’t think properly all I wanted was to see him and all I did was cry. I had a mixture of emotions; anger, sadness, powerless, etc. That same day, I traveled to Rhode Island where he was but I couldn’t see him until the following Monday which was his funeral. All of us his family were heartbroken specially my grandmother. I’m still battling his lost. I know I will never recover from it but I will learn how to live with the pain that he left me and all the beautiful memories.

In conclusion, my grandparents are my life. They are the air I need to breath and my role models. Thanks to them and to all they have done for me, I am who I am today. I want to give them all I can which is why I started to get a higher education and I know that one day I will make them proud of me. All I wanted was a little more time with my grandfather next to me so along with my grandmother, I could’ve give back to them at least just a little of all the things they gave me, but I know that up from heaven he is watching over me and helping me get through life. Something I will always carry with me for the rest of my life is the love of my grandparents. One day, all the struggles I’m facing right now will make me a stronger person and just one day I will make my dream come true; I will make my grandparents as happy and proud as they made me to have them in my life.

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