Tony Conrad

Guess it’s nice for the average, mainstreamed, uniform users, but I liked the flexibility about.me had before, while it was still IMO easy to use and quick to set up. Maybe I’m the only person in the world not fitting into any of the spotlight boxes you’re offering, I just wanted to have a landing page, linking to my multiple social media, blog, photo sites and other accounts in a rather simple but still visually attractive way without having to build and host my own website or portfolio page somewhere. I don’t need it for looking for a job, show off my photos, writing or whatever and even less looking for a date, just needed a web card so to speak. And for example I work with more than just one Twitter account mostly for language reasons. But guess will have to build and host now my own personal Web landing page somewhere else, to have more flexibility to adept it to my individual needs instead of adapting my needs to the forms and boxes of others.