What the CIA, Media (and Trump) get wrong about the Russian hacks
Taylor Griffin

Maybe because I am a European I find it oddly fascinating how much elections in the U.S. seem to mostly focus on individuals involved, often blinded to what goes beyond individual positions, acts and responsibilities. It has become so much of a one-person show, that what is politically at stake gets lost. Focusing on the question, whether probable Russian involvement in the hacks was about intervening to get one candidate elect, shows the same blindness to bigger pictures. Such ignorant view is rather a consequence of how elections are looked at in the U.S.

Regardless the election’s outcome positions of the United States have now been weakened or pushed to a likely more convenient situation for the Russian government. I agree that for the Russian government it might be not even just about strengthening their position internationally but as much inside Russia itself, making look Western democracy as no alternative as it can be presented as a deplorable system with modern forms of kings and queens, an outdated elite or establishment bickering about power while ignoring simple needs of citizens. Meanwhile the trust of people in the U.S. and elsewhere into democracy and its institutions, parliaments, parties, elected governments and very importantly into media and news outlets was more weakened as well, weakening the positions of the U.S. and EU eventually for years to come.

I’d say, for the moment mission accomplished.

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