Extension: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

One of the most famous film franchises of the world and Disney proud. At present films about the adventures of Jack Sparrow and other interesting characters left whole 4. And then, became known release date of follow-up, and already in 2017 expected to another premiere, with a very interesting, subtitled “The dead do not tell tales” .Dzhonni Pepp starring film “The dead do not tell tales”

Already available in Russian trailer for the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which will give an opportunity to plunge into the world so loved by all the pirates, adventure and romance.

The plot
In the story, a charismatic drifter … Captain Jack Sparrow is waiting for a new danger in the face of Captain Salazar and his ghostly minions. The last wish death to all living pirates, and the only thing that can save — the trident of Poseidon, the holder of which receives power over all the seas. Of course, the captain will not do it alone. It will help him to Hector Barbossa, whom Jack had to make up in the last film. We also know that Orlando Bloom will return to his role as William Turner, after 4 numbering part he missed.

If you are want to watch online pirates of the Caribbean in HD and you are a fan of Jack Sparrow, this franchise or the whole pirate theme together, then you should definitely visit Disneyland. Yes, the movies were filmed much later than the time when the first themed attractions were open. But with the release of pictures on the screen, some of the entertainment was changed with the addition of well-known and favorite characters.

Staff and crew
The composition of the actors will please both fans and new viewers. Of course, Jack Sparrow will play longtime Johnny Depp, the film which will help restore the credibility, especially after the recent box office failure of his films. Role Babossy also remains to actor Geoffrey Rush. In general, the cast of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is as follows:

Kaya Scodelario play Karina Smith;
Brenton Thwaites, might be able to bring to film what was lacking in the 4, after the end of a love relationship characters Orlanado Bloom and Keira Knightley. This actor will play a character named Henry, who is in love with Karina Smith;
Main villain Javier Bardem will perform.
Director of the film are the right person 2: Norwegians Espens Sanderg and Joachim Rёnning. The choice fell on them because of their successful collaboration on the film “Kon-Tiki”, which won several awards, as well as the ability to work with a limited budget. Important news for all the fans will claim that they were inspired, by and large, the first part of the franchise, “The Curse of the Black Zhemuchzhiny”, which began with an interesting introduction and the universe, and with a variety of very charismatic characters.

Initially, the film should have been released back in 2015, but the timely appearance on the screen and prevent financial issues, problems and scenarios. Now, after all this time, the question of when will the “Pirates of the Caribbean” is not. Everyone cares only what it still happens.

Video — footage from the shooting:

Information about the film
It is also known that this film will be a “soft” reset of the franchise, so fans of the series can not survive. D. Depp will demonstrate his charisma and on, and it is likely that we will see the new no less memorable and interesting characters. What movies online HD

Live filming took place between February and March 2015 in Australia. Moreover, the Government allocated $ 20 million Disney Studios is in this film.

The official announcement of the film took place in 2015 Disney23 Expo, Johnny Depp appeared in the role of Jack Sparrow, the franchise logo appeared on the screen, and it was announced that his role is returned and Orlando Bloom. The premiere of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead men tell no tales” is expected in the summer of 2017. Since the transfers were several, you can be confident that the release date is final. During this time, you can just manage to reconsider released before painting. And be sure to read the trailer of the expected film.

The film’s budget will amount to 250 to 300 million dollars, so despite the fact that 4 of the not become so popular among fans and among ordinary viewers, but was able to bring the normal box office, it is clear that the studio believes to restart high hopes. It is expected that they will not be mistaken. This may well contribute to the desire of the actor Orlando Bloom back and restart itself a status that could mark the beginning of some new incredible story, for which we will follow a few years later.